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Taj: The Artist with Insight

It was a misty, rainy night in LA, the perfect setting for an art show.

Augie Ray: The Pluralist. A Journey into Social Commentary

I had scheduled an interview with Augie Ray for 11am, aiming to bypass the notorious

SJ The Artist: Creativity Beyond the Machine

If you’re from LA, chances are you’ve encountered or experienced the multifaceted creativity of Stephonie

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Kader Amkpa

Artist Statement: I am a Los Angeles based visual artist specializing in acrylic paintings with a historical context behind them.

Moriah J

Artist Statement: My artistic journey has compelled me to create from a place of healing and inspiration, driven by a

Michael Griffin

Artist Statement: My foundation is urban. I grew up on the south side of Chicago and have learned to live

Jaya Smalley

Artist Statement: As young as 5 years old I can remember scrolling through magazines and being captivated by the world

Oyekale Segun

Artist Statement: In my artwork, I beautifully capture life’s essence using the ocean as a metaphor. Life is a journey,

Kenneth Randle

Artist Statement: Many people nurture their innate abilities and talents, but very few dedicate their life’s purpose to what they


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