BAAP Magazine Fall Edition

For BAAP magazine 2024: Due Date June 1st

Black Art and Philosophy is currently seeking submissions from Black artists for the fall edition of our magazine.

We are accepting art submissions, including paintings, sculptures, and photography. We are also accepting poetry and essays.

Submissions should be centered around the topic of Black identity, Black love or Black pride. What does it mean to be Black to you? Other topics we will consider are “stereotypes” and critical race-theory. The last day to submit is June 1st, 2024.

Poetry is limited to up to 3 pages and essays are limited to a 1.5k word count.

For artwork submissions, please limit them to 3 pieces per artist.

Please include an artist’s statement or bio with your submission.

There are no submission fees. If your piece is accepted, compensation is a contributor’s copy of the magazine.

We do accept simultaneous submissions; however, we ask to be informed should your submission be accepted elsewhere.