Kenneth Randle

Sasha, Untitled 1 Copper leaf and oil on canvas 24x36
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Artist Statement:

Many people nurture their innate abilities and talents, but very few dedicate their life’s purpose to what they are truly passionate about. I pride myself on my dedication to art and making the decision to pursue my artistic goals. The reason I create art is not just to feed an undying knowledge of wanting to perfect the form of redefining the narrative of the black aesthetic, it is also to normalize how we look at the representation of black artwork, and how we choose to engage with it. In this personal period of enlightenment, I find purpose in expanding my ideals in searching for a deeper understanding.
In a world where people often only see white and black, I have always used light and color as a form of representation to express my ideas. The impact of studying painters like David, Caravaggio, Kerry James Marshall, Barkley Hendricks and Titus Kapher, have inspired me to focus my intention on how I use light, and how I choose to implement it in my everyday practices from a historical and metaphoric standpoint. In creating through my personal experience, there would be little difficulty in drawing from the darkness of existence for those that look like me. However, I have made a decision to allow my renderings to embrace and depict that sense of urgency but also encapsulate the playfulness and uncertainty we experience in life.
I am not trapped in figurative art, nor am I trapped in the world of contemporary art, I am making art based on its use of value within the historical narrative of the black aesthetic. In fact, the reason why light is so important in my work is because it gives identification to an invisible subject matter. When I think about how my ideals are formed, my mind immediately starts to conjure ways I can bring light into a situation where it moves not only the piece but challenges my last piece to evolve.
Kenneth Randle
Lastly, I have turned my gaze to how I am applying the black component in void spaces. While investigating, my artwork is questioning how something and someone can be invisible in a world where there is no such thing as invisibility. No one said the void was a bad thing. One has to embrace the void because it does exist. Throughout the history of art, the color black has not been shown in the light of the art institution. In fact, because the images I create are so black they act as a void in those same institutions. Although my paintings are created by someone whose existence is not always acknowledged, those same paintings are acting as a beacon of light to show the viewer all of the beautiful subtleties of the black experience.
Sasha, Untitled 2 Fabric on canvas 24x36
Sasha, Untitled 3 Fabric, spray paint palette on canvas 24x36