Oyekale Segun

Deeper Than Surface Level Acrylic on canvas 2023
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Artist Statement:

In my artwork, I beautifully capture life’s essence using the ocean as a metaphor. Life is a journey, and the deeper we delve, the more we understand. My paintings reflect this understanding, portraying life’s phases and experiences with ocean-inspired colors and organisms.

My conversations and questions usually revolve around “Why are we here?” “What is the essence of life?” “Why are we existing?” and “What is the meaning of life?”. I recognize that our identities and beliefs shape us, influencing how we face life’s challenges. My works embrace this diversity, using varied colors to symbolize individuality.

Amid life’s twists, I advocate finding hope and peace to endure. Through my art, I explore existence in nature, its significance, and the unique experiences that mold us.

The underwater backdrop symbolizes life’s vastness and mystery.

Oyekale Segun
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