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Music & Me: A Love Letter to Black

What can I say about Black music? Imagine being a kid growing up in a house that was filled with

Lawrence “Luxe.wav” Gilliam: Jazz in the living room

Jazz has always held a special place in my heart. I love many but I have my go-tos. The majestic

Taj: The Artist with Insight

It was a misty, rainy night in LA, the perfect setting for an art show. All the artists were inside

Augie Ray: The Pluralist. A Journey into Social

I had scheduled an interview with Augie Ray for 11am, aiming to bypass the notorious Los Angeles rush-hour traffic. I

SJ The Artist: Creativity Beyond the Machine

If you’re from LA, chances are you’ve encountered or experienced the multifaceted creativity of Stephonie Jones, also known as SJ

Aziz: Nurturing the Arts in the Heart of

Leimert Park is the epicenter of Black Art in Los Angeles. It serves as a sanctuary for freedom fighters and


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